Wrapping Team Expectations

1.     Meet at Toyota South in Richmond, KY at 8 am.

2.     Pickup t-shirts at the front table.

3.     Choose a wrapping table and make sure your station has everything you need, wrapping paper, scissors, tape, markers, tags, etc.

4.     Wrap one family member at a time, one family at a time, and efficiently.

5.     When complete with one entire family move gifts to wrapped section of the room and place in correct location based on family #.

6.     Ask the Lead Captain in a Captains shirt which family you should start next (we have a specific order to deliver in) and start wrapping your next family!

7.     Have fun!!

Things To Accomplish as Team Leader

1.     Recruit 2-4 members per team who are excited to help you wrap.

2.     Look for an email in November for confirmation of your responsibilities

3.     Confirm all family members are complete before moving on.

In-Kind Donations for Wrapping Teams